The work relates to an health facility building with multipurpose offices, specialist clinics, rehabilitation services, diagnostic imaging with CT, MRI, operating rooms for minor surgery and radiotherapy department.

Of particular importance are the systems installed in the premises on the ground floor of the building, intended for diagnostic activity with MRI and CT scans, where we can find localized conditioning systems, with accurate temperature and air control in summer and winter. These areas are served by various air treatment units, which allow a continuous control of temperature and humidity, ensuring the necessary air circulation. The fresh air is taken directly from the outside, in not polluted areas, and properly filtered before being placed in the environment, while the exhaust air is expelled above the roof of the building. Temperatures, relative humidity and air flow parts vary from area to area, according to regulatory requirements and objective requirements (user requests and medical equipment suppliers). All the functions of the installations are controlled and monitored by a temperature control system electronically programmed.

The ducts for air transportation are mainly made in galvanized steel or preformed structure of aluminum-polyurethane-aluminum, with limited features, flexible plastic or PVC, which meet the current standards of safety and hygiene, mainly through ceilings and shafts.

In the remaining part of the building such as gyms, doctors’ offices, bedrooms, offices, waiting, radiology, etc.) there is a special system with direct expansion air handling units and variable refrigerant flow units with internal mainly recessed ceiling.

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