Building complex built in Empoli by “Videtta constructions spa”.

Construction of a residential building with high-tech features that ensure, for landlords and content consumption with a significant cost savings over a healthy and comfortable living environment.
About the project of the Technical Study The Laboratory you are completing a building for 24 apartments in Empoli, Province of Florence (Italy) where the use of new building technologies has allowed the construction of housing with the right balance between parameters such as the transmission and the heat capacity ensuring, in winter, adequate living comfort in the face of low energy costs, while in summer high heat capacity means that the heat absorbed from the building does not become high temperature inside the housing Arable.
The main features of this building project consists of:
-A Infill outer wall constituted by a monolayer passive total thickness of
cm. 41 realized with the use of brick blocks of alveolar move generation assembled by interlocking and bound with glue of particular composition in order to eliminate the joints, and are therefore characterized
by a design of the baffles and chambers designed to minimize the heat loss; externally coated by a particular type of thermal insulation plaster and at the same time permeable equal in thickness to cm.3 which ensures a thermal insulation coat type but at the same time also the breathability of the walls inside dell’abitazioni avoiding the formation of any condensation and mold (thermos effect) ensuring the healthiness of the wall and environments. With this solution the massive infill you also get a great contribution to the sound insulation.
-L’impiego Of radiant floors powered by heat pump with production of warm in winter and cool in summer.
Said plant has merit as the fact that for its optimal operation requires in winter low temperatures of the water in the heating circuit.
-the Existence of the system of ventilation / forced ventilation, eliminates moisture in the environment without the need to open the windows, in accommodation by promoting a healthy climate.
-The Predisposition of the double power supply network of the current, connected both to the traditional counter both to the photovoltaic system in such a way that with the inverters positioned in a separate space arranged in the attic, it can if necessary be used indifferent mind both the current network is that produced by the photovoltaic system
To position the solar panels, each accommodation is assigned a specific property roof space, corresponding to a number of panels to provide energy 3KW to housing small and 4 kW for housing large.
-The Peculiarity of the new generation of fixtures leak allows limited heat loss and acoustical treatment.
With this building you reach the zero power consumption, with a construction cost that along with the quality of the product results in a new real estate market not only speculative but prefers the quality of residence.

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